Doritos Dinamita Chile Limón Review

Lets jump right into the review.

Do you like your snacks to be crunchy?

Do you like your snacks to be filled with flavor?

Do you like to have a napkin near by to wipe your constantly dirty fingers from eating said snack?

Do you need a substitute for the lack of Takis on the shelves?

This is your snack, baby! Doritos Dinamita Chile Limón will deliver with one downside. The flavor hits, an over abundance of chile limón. I was surprised by how much my taste buds watered after first trying it. It’s a great companion to a fast lunch (sandwiches in my house).

You can’t just eat one.

The downside. The crunch. It’s there, but the texture of the chips has a stale crunch to it. Doritos trying to come into the Takis market and really failed in my opinion. It wasn’t really a competition, Takis has it locked down.

If you can’t find Takis, then definitely pick this up if it’s the type of chip you crave.

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