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Takis Fuego Review

WARNING: This review is going to be biased as $@&%! If you enjoy the following, you can probably stop reading. Spice? Crunch? Powdery goodness on your finger tips that you can remove and dry off those wet finger tips on several paper towels? Yeah, you like it. Who wouldn’t? Takis Feugo is a staple in […]


Beaver Extra Hot Sriracha Mustard Review

Immediate impression: Delicious, tasty and a noticeable heat. After taste: Wowza, this thing packs a punch for mustard. I have recently discovered Beaver Brand mustard these past several months and I have yet found one I don’t like. Deli Mustard, Sweet Hot (reviews pending) and now Sriracha Extra Hot. A little goes a long way. […]


Instant Pot Duo 6 Quart Review

The Instant Pot Duo 6 Quart slow cooker / pressure cooker is quite possibly the most versatile kitchen product I have owned. The price point isn’t too bad either! I have a slow cooker, why would I need this? There will be a moment when you want to cook that meal faster. Maybe not. But […]